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Blogland. In which you can find out about the inner workings of my brain and art. A lot of light, some darkness. I might show you some tools or techniques and I will most certainly show you works in progress.

Is it a tad self indulgent to delve into retrospectives in January? Perhaps, but after having single womanly created the magic of Christmas for my own family, I’ll allow myself a look back at my year in art to feel like I am something more than a very imperfect parent ...Continue reading
Here's an illustrated answer to one of your most frequently asked quotations. Does she do nude commissions? The short answer is yes. She does. However. This only applies to tasteful or meaningful compositions. Let's put it this way: if this looks like it would easily belong on OnlyFans, I'm not ...Continue reading
Who would have though a few years ago that Minimal Woman (that’s my superhero name) would be spending countless hours tackling the hirsute minutiae of dog portraits – and, crucially, love every second of it? I wouldn’t have put any money on it ...Continue reading
And for my next trick, I'm going to take you on a private guided tour of the House of Minimalism. I know from experience many of you enjoy having a go at creating portraits in my style, because it looks so easy. And I very much enjoy seeing the results ...Continue reading
I won't be quite done celebrating Pride Month until I've shared this interview I did for Trans Living International Magazine ...Continue reading
Dolly Parton Minimal Pencil Portrait
I don't think I've spoken about this before, but I tend to immerse myself in the pursuit of getting to know my subject while I'm drawing their portrait. And yes, i will project like hell and make up my own stories when I'm commissioned to draw people I know little ...Continue reading
If you’ve considered commissioning a picture from me, the first thing you must know is I’m going to do my very best to ensure the result is me at my pencil finest. Here are a few tips to make sure you do get the best of me ...Continue reading
As I grow older and life gifts me experiences of all kinds, I am starting to become artistically attracted to a very different breed of subject. Consciously or not, I’m choosing people with a profound understanding of freedom, or lack thereof ...Continue reading
Robin WIlliams - Quote
Who among us hasn’t looked to the sagacity of those who came before us in time of need? Your girl is no different. When I feel mentally drained, or the rats of self-doubt gnaw at my heel, I’ll usually head straight to YouTube for a dose of Maya Angelou’s mellifluous ...Continue reading
Every year – for quite a few years now – I get lots of emails from GCSE and A level students who are doing coursework or writing papers about my work - mostly here in the U.K., sometimes abroad. Now my own kids are growing up and I have a ...Continue reading
Sometimes, when the stars align, I get commission requests to draw my favourite faces, and I love my job so intensely, I can barely breathe ...Continue reading
I never know what to expect when I cast a furtive eye on my previous year’s work. I decided to have a look through my clients’ perspective, and see what you all liked most, and what you chose to buy for yourselves, or to gift your loved ones at Christmas. ...Continue reading